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Each transport service we have made has been differentiated by details of all other shipments made. That is why we do not have a price list for freight; please contact us via the form present on the site at the request page and provide us with all the details we need to offer you a price quote. The prices vary depending on the distance to be traveled, depending on the weight of the goods to be transported, the volume and the type of cargo. Without these details, we can not provide a list of freight rates.


We assure you that when you provide us with all the details regarding transportation, we will be able to determine the correct price for the services you need; We also inform you that we are working only on the basis of invoice and contract, and the shipment is insured for the entire duration. Our prices are easily negotiable and you have the guarantee that your goods arrive safely at the destination and are operated by trained and experienced distribution personnel.


For freight rates as close as possible to reality, please contact us by phone or online, provide us with as much details as possible about your transport, be it mobile transportation, relocation, distribution, relocation, provide us with information about the type of cargo to be transported, its approximate weight and its volume. Contact us and set the price for your transport together!


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